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Our Service Center capabilities include:

We can do it all at the Vette Culture Performance Center.

·         Vette Culture is a certified GM Tech 2 and HP Performance Tune Center.

·         I-CAR Certified.

·         Routine maintenance.

·         Corvette diagnosis and repair experts.

·         Warranty service work.

·         Minor and major performance modifications.

·         Cosmetic transformations/restoration.

·         Wheel and tire packages at very competitive.


All of our vehicles go through our extensive Vette Culture inspection prior to sale at our Performance/Service Center.


The Vette Culture comprehensive inspection includes (very broadly):

·         Paintwork and trim condition (searching for crash damage, new paint and poor workmanship, established corrosion). For the early cars this would include a more detailed body (fiberglass) check.

·         Underbody and suspension condition.

·         Wheels and tire condition.

·         Operation of brakes and brake disc/pad condition.

·         The engine and transmission external condition (oil leaks, coolant and consumables condition, corrosion).

·         The interior and rear hatch compartment (wear and tear leather/carpet).

·         Operation of electrical equipment.

·         Basic document check (original equipment/service book/Navigation discs).

·         Experian car data/background check.

·         GM VIN verification and in service records (covers original equipment ordered/bulletins and recalls/in service date and build date verification).

·         On the C5/C6/Z06 models, including the 1997-onwards OBD ECM/PCM cars, we use GM Tech 2 diagnostic equipment to analyze and diagnose all ECM/PCM data (faulty censor/diagnostic codes and history checks).